Monday, October 25, 2010

Photo Monday

Photos for Monday 'cause...well...I can't think.

A side street near the Prudential Center.

The horror that is happening near the Pru.

Folks waiting to get in to the BPL.

Benches outside Trinity in Copley Square.

I love this corner. Why? Because, as near as I can figure, I'm pretty sure it's  Ground Zero for Cell

The fence of the Boston Public Garden.

Trees, well, up the really awful hill from my apartment.

This is apparently going to be condos worth $200k. Riiight.

Anyone else thinking of a house on Neibolt Street?

Longlasting windowboxes.

Random Beacon Hill stoop.

Bench on the Chestnut Hill resevoir.

Really annoyed-looking waterfowl.

Okay, clearly this is my Monday to be a complete tool. I get caught on my email by my boss at the job where email is verboten and I misattribute my gorgeous user icon graphic. *headdesk* It's fixed now! So sorry!

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