Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Fun Times

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre do all of Doctor Who season 6 in under 10 minutes. :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Did Anyone Get Hitler Out of the Cupboard?

Back to Doctor Who! Wheeeee!

After the pain, suffering, and loss that was A Good Man Goes to War, now we get the fun and frolick that is Lets Kill Hitler.

Really, Hitler is one long romp -- and that's not something you get to type very often, so bear with me while I repeat it: Hitler is one long romp.

I'll do my best to be spoiler-light, but seriously, folks, I had to have been one of the last people on the planet to see the end of season 6, so if you haven't seen help? Anyway, RAYOR.

I can say that everything you think about the first 5-10 minutes is true. When I say that one of the most important things about season 6 as a whole is "trust your gut," I mean it. If something seems -- weird, not quite right, strangely familiar, haunting, odd, off, or otherwise peculiar: go with it.

Lets Kill Hitler is a lot of fun with some seriousness wrapped up in the fluff: when Alex Kingston speaks, you listen. That's probably the best advice I can give you overall.

Try to ignore the worst of the dialogue ("...except, perhaps, the cruelest." She delivers it well's a schlocky line.)

Nina Toussaint-White is awesome and if fans get to vote on the new, post-Pond companions, I want to vote for her! Her style as a pre-River River (I did warn for spoilers!) is fucking fantastic.

Rory has some wonderful moments here; I can't say how much I appreciate the time and attention he gets as a character in this season. While he's a solid back-up in season 5, he really starts to shine in 6 -- he steps out from Amy's shadow and wait for The Girl Who Waited if you want to see Rory and the Doctor start to get into it which, really, we've all been waiting for them to do, right? The Doctor has spent most of the last few seasons begging for a smackdown -- or smackdowns.

And the Tesselactor -- possibly misspelled here! -- is a lovely invention that I'm sure has Douglas Adams grinning to himself over some otherworldly cup of tea. The antibodies alone are worthy of a whome Adamsian side monologue along the lines of the towel or the Guide: "You will feel a slight stinging sensation -- and then death." "Please remain calm while your life is extracted." Fucking classic.

So enjoy it while it lasts, really. You've got The God Complex and The Girl Who Waited coming up before you get to Closing Time which is the only other episode that even comes close to being comic relief in the second half of this season so I'd suggest taking long juicy draughts of the craziness that is Lets Kill Hitler.