Monday, October 31, 2011

Photo Monday

More photos, folks -- I was hoping to have a post about The Walking Dead -- the first season of which I have nearly finished -- for today in honor of the season, but I have done something truly dreadful to my lower back which results in me being unable to sit and type for more than, oh, say 10 minutes at a time.

So wish me luck at the doctor's office tomorrow and maybe, if I'm a very lucky girl, I'll be able to write the post for Wednesday.

See, I think this was once a really sweet mother-and-child
statue...but check out Mommy dearest's hand.
Little 'n large tombstones.
Guess where? Hey, it's Halloween!
Spiffy fountain again.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fun Times

I love the jumpiness in the cuts with the people holding the cards.

And if you'd like the (slightly more) lighthearted video with cards:


Plus the lead singer? Smoking hot. Kind of like a 3-way love child between Cillian Murphy, Colin Morgan, and Bradley James.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random Post is Random

So I don't know about the rest of you, but, for me, this is a week when I find myself trying to find Supernatural wallpaper with lots of pretty boys. (Also pace a con interview I saw with Jensen Ackles where he referenced feeling like a real idiot going in to do the publicity shot set-ups and then being like, "But wait -- I need more fans -- my hair isn't blowing enough!")

In light of that, here are some random thoughts for midweek.

1. The last episode of the latest season of Inspector Lewis drove me up a wall. If there was a way to put together more stereotypical Irish characters and a less-nuanced view of 20th century Irish history, I can't think of it. The only way would have been if a pedophile priest had turned out to be the killer. Up. A. Fucking. Wall. I'm tellin' you.

2. The most emo video in the world but, shameful reveal here: I adore this song.

3. Did you know Joss Whedon has just finished principle photography on a version of Much Ado About Nothing with Sean Maher and Nathan Fillion? True. Jury's still out on whether Fillion and Maher will be Beatrice and Benedick. Ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease---


No, I don't know what's up with his hair either.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Photo Monday

More pictures of...things!

They killed Kenny!
Sorry, I really am sorry... This is in Mt. Auburn, btw.
I have no idea. But I bet it would be a cool hang-out on
Spiffy fountain.
A last rose.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Fun Times

The world's briefest intro to Doctor Who....

And I got this from a SciFiWire story but the text surrounding it is as stupid as everything else SFW ever puts up, so I'm not linking to it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Endless Fascination of the Undead

I realise I am, once again, behind the times, but I just got to checking out The Walking Dead.

First off, I have to admit myself humiliated that I recognized neither the sheriff himself (Andrew Lincoln) nor the lovely African-American (Afro-English, actually) gentleman (Lennie James) holed up with his son in the first episode without the assistance of IMDB. I really should be and am embarrassed. Of course, once I realised who the actor playing Grimes was, I had a hard time seeing him as hard-core bad-ass sheriff'y type. But I'm sure I'll get over that.

I have to say that the thing I really love about this show is how quiet it is. No moaning, no groaning, no stumbling, very little screaming, shrieking, or general freaking out. So far -- only a couple episodes in -- people mostly seem to be coping in a pretty reasonable fashion. After enough horror movies, you get really sick of the continual freak-outs; a couple of "Teen Screams" movies off Netflix will have you practically praying for someone who doesn't continually insist that what is happening clearly in front of his eyes isn't really real. (Not to mention blood that looks real.)

The hospital wake-up is very good -- I'm relieved I didn't have to see Andrew Garfield in the same state as I unwittingly saw Cillian Murphy in 28 Days Later.

One of the reasons I kept wanting to see the show -- apart from the fantastic art hung in the windows of a couple local comic shops -- was I saw one of the comic covers that featured the "don't open / dead inside" door graffiti and I wondered if that was in the show. Turns out it is -- and it's awesome.

The zombie make-up is fucking fantastic and the extras must be having a blast: "Okay, what we want you to do is kind of wander around aimlessly and then bite people. And make it look good." Where do I sign up, please?! I'm sure more has been written about the Bicycle Girl in the first episode than I could ever cover, but I find both Grimes' original reaction to her and his later dispatching of her fascinating. The original encounter reveals both his practicality and clear thinking -- and how much the hope of finding his wife and son safely at home is sustaining him. He isn't really thinking all that clearly -- as his subsequent breakdown reveals, a large part of him is hoping that this is all a bad dream -- some sort of bad reaction to anesthetic or perhaps he's really just back in the coma.

His going back to find her is...interesting. I keep coming back to that as one of the more interesting points of the pilot. It's a pretty foolish way to spend your time, really. There are so many zombies about the place that if you see your new goal in life as "putting down the infected," you're totally set for the rest of your life. It seems fairly obvious that the show creators are setting up a parallel between Grimes who sets out to find this one individual and "put her out of her misery" or whatever it is he does and Morgan who also has a specific individual on his hands, so to speak, and can't bring himself to treat his wife as Grimes does the Bicycle Girl.

There's a pretty surface-level interpretation here: one can't kill the person one loves the best. But I think there's something more going on here: in the middle of all the ghastliness of his first couple days awake in the new world, Grimes remembers the Bicycle Girl, tracks her down, and doesn't simply blow the back of her head off, but talks to her, tries to get something back from her -- before, of course, blowing the back of her head off. The one-sided conversation he has, even with a zombie who is clearly dying of starvation in front of his eyes, is fascinating as Grimes tries to make sense of what's happening in front of him and come to terms with it in some way.

Morgan, on the other hand, has had longer and more horrible circumstances under which to come to terms with what's going on. He knows exactly -- or as exactly as any of our character can know at this point -- what's going on and that his wife will never come back. At best, he can hope that she wanders away and is lost in the undead hordes; at worst, her persistence at the door will be rewarded and she will kill him and their son -- or doom them to wander as undead with her. Either way, their family is over: as the man said, "There ain't no comin' back." He's prepared, he knows what he has to do, even his son understands in the end and hides without trying to stop him -- and he can't do it in the end.

What this means in the long run for the two characters I have no idea. I don't even know if Morgan shows up with any regularity after the first episode. But I'm eagerly anticipating going through the rest of the season and finding out.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Photo Monday

...and more to come later in the week. Not just photos, other stuff, too.

I just started watching The Walking Dead and whoo-boy! Is that a fun time or what!

This is Shirley the Sheep at my mom's fiber arts table at a recent
show in Boothbay.
Geraldine testing out new rag rugs. The foot is Anna's.
Mt. Auburn cemetary.
Playing with settings on the camera...
Mushrooms or possibly pancakes. :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Okay, the exclamation point makes this look way more exciting than it is.

I'm going to be taking a brief blogging hiatus for the rest of this week and all of next. Return on the 17th for fun and frolics!

(No, please. Really. I'll miss you if you're gone.)

And if you just miss me too much during the hiatus, check out the evil angel tumblr (for a fairly random mix of stuff) and the everything is gay and nothing hurts tumblr (for an ever-increasing amount of slash fic.) if you really can't stand the pain, you can come visit me on archive of our own (a.k.a, ao3) as Crowgirl.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Photo Monday: Maine and Back

This post brought to you by Anna.

This passed Saturday, Hanna and I drove up to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens to visit with her mom and dad. Linda was exhibiting at the Maine Fiber Arts Showcase. It was a rainy afternoon, but luckily the fiber arts event was inside the visitor's center.

As usually happens when we visit with Hanna's parents, we drove north with things to give/return to them and they met us with more things for us to take south again ... a new sweater for Hanna, the tam that Linda knit me for Christmas and finally blocked, and what Hanna has termed "the rudest thing ever":

Kevin with the rude squash (photo by Linda)
In exchange, we finally allowed Shirley -- the stuffed sheep from Michigan that we gave Linda for her birthday in July -- to move to her forever home in Maine.

Shirley and Linda at Linda's display booth (photo by Anna)
The garden is impressive in size and scope, although we didn't get a chance to see much of it in the rain. One section is the fairy house village. I think this is where these magical creations were headed:

fairy houses in the garden library (photo by Anna)
a fairy castle? tree house? (photo by Anna)
Shirley got a bit chilled (photo by Anna)
When we got home, Geraldine was pissy because we had left her alone all Saturday -- but she was somewhat mollified by the four new rag rugs we brought home, courtesy of Linda. Rag rugs are clearly for kitties to sleep on, not for humans to place their feet.

enigmatic cat is enigmatic (photo by Hanna)