Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Universe of Possibilities for the Microsoft Office Paperclip

Well, something like the paperclip --  it's a stapler. A red stapler, to be precise.

Ah, the joy of geekery injokes!

A thousand thanks to my buddy Minerva for picking this up for me when I totally dropped the ball and missed the release date! (Now, of course, I have a standing order at the Million Year Picnic and will not have that issue again.)

I feel I should say right off the top that I am not a huge comic book/graphic novel/term of the month fan. I feel like I kind of missed the bus with them. The stories are often fantastic -- I love Joe Hill's Locke and Key, for example, but that takes very little effort! -- but I often find the art itself somewhat distracting and in larger works like Neil Gaiman's Sandman the changes in artist from story to story induce a kind of narrative motion sickness. I'm trying to get better about this because I realise I'm missing some fantastic genre writing by some authors I really love -- as well as the stories by the authors I haven't met yet.

Anyway, the new IDW Doctor Who series might be about as easy an introduction as you could wish to see. It's a lousy introduction to Doctor Who -- you better have seen all of Season 5 and paid attention while you were at it! -- but the story is a light, fluffy piece of foolishness without even a dim corner: did you ever wonder what spam and the TARDIS would do to each other? Well, here's your answer!

There are nods to Office Space and the later seasons of Red Dwarf among others and the whole thing ends on a nice, happy, slightly snarky note. Very light fun for a cold, grey Boston day.

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