Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Interesting Things

Anna and I are in the process of -- or recovering from -- taking our beloved kitty Gerry to the vet, so have some Things That Are Nifty.
And just to make sure you have a good midweek, one of the ravens from the Tower of London.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Photo Monday: Cats Being Cute

Cross-posted from the feminist librarian

Yesterday was a rainy autumn Sunday here in Boston, so in order to combat the rainy-day blues we assembled this post full of pictures of our cats being cute!
Teazle is undecided about sitting on shoulders
Human book shopping means paper bags for kittens to play in!
Gerry likes the advent of fleece bathrobe season.
Shortly after Hanna snapped this photograph Teazle tipped
right off the pillows onto the floor. So much for her Princess and
the Pea
Gerry has become protective of our little one ... 
... or perhaps it's just long-suffering toleration!
Wishing you all a peaceful and productive week!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Fun Times

I was dubious about using this because it's my normal rule not to re-use songs where I don't understand the lyrics.

But then I thought, "So perfect for Friday!"

So I went and found translations and, well, it's an odd song, certainly, but no more offensive than your average run of English-language pop.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Short Thoughts: Horror on the Weekend

I rather liked doing a mass movie post last time so I'm going to try it again and see what happens.

I apologise for not having graphics or anything to make it look a bit spiffier but my home internet connection is currently so logey that Blogger is not reliable. Getting or a Google Image search to work at the same time is pretty much impossible. Even GMail has been hinky lately -- GMail, people!


The Omen. Everything is wrong with this movie. Gregory Peck? Wrong. Lee Remick? So wrong. The little no-neck chubby-faced demon kid? Super wrong. The dogs? Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. And yet... and yet.

It's not scary -- at least, not for me. I have friends who have informed me it was a totally traumatic experience for them and I get that. If I had seen it 15 or 20 years ago, doubtless I'd've been kicked in the back of the skull by it, too. I also don't have a thing with dog fear -- caninophobia? -- so the hellhounds chasing people around just look like dogs who want cookies to me. Plus, I saw Resident Evil first and after zombified Dobermans, these just didn't have a chance. I'm much more sympathetic to Dean having his minute with the Shih-Tzu he thinks is a hellhound because I hate those yappy little motherfuckers -- and the pink bow is just the finishing touch.

Ahem, anyway. While I didn't find it scary at all -- it was...intriguing to watch. David Warner gave a great performance as the 'reluctantly involved outsider' -- always a bit of a tricky part to play -- and I loved his 'Well, this is probably real because I'm seeing it and feeling it and hearing it, so I better go with it as reality' approach. Also, his darkroom. And what is not to like about a movie with Patrick Troughton as a semi-crazed priest with a morphine habit? Also, Leo McKern as a...I don't know what. He didn't seem to have much point. Van Helsing with no Hel?

And I feel much more confident that I get more jokes in Good Omens and Supernatural than I did before. So there's that.

Hellraiser. Well. Er. I want to love it. I really really do. I want to love it like I want to love Candyman.

Bits of it, I do love: "Jesus wept." The Cenobites. The house. The stepmom's freaky-deaky hair. The juicy zombie dude in the attic sexually harassing his girlfriend into bringing him fresh meat. Wait, scratch that last bit -- but the whole thing is just...meandery. Who's the main character? The stepmother? The dad? The daughter? The uncle? I suggest we just pick Pinhead who seems to actually know what the fuck is going on around here and go with him.

Great look, though, don't get me wrong. Love the box and, like I said, the Cenobites who were, I think, the best part of the whole film. I thought we were going to get a pretty kick-ass final girl until Kristy started facing everything by whimpering, cowering in a corner, and viciously crying at it. Not your best call when confronted by a transdimensional dude who thinks an open laryngectomy wound is the height of fashion. I thought we could expect something better from someone who nutpunched a reconstituted undead -- but I guess every girl has her limit.

Perhaps I will love it like I want to love it after I see it another time.

An American Werewolf in Paris. Disclaimer: seen on the SciFi Channel, therefore "edited for time and content." But still -- fucking hilarious! Not sure it was meant to be but please! The duelling ghosts? Hiding in a morgue drawer to get away from the cops? Amazing injectable werewolf fluid? What is not to love about that!

Monday, October 1, 2012