Monday, February 14, 2011

Photo Monday

Do you wonder what archivists do on Valentine's Day?

Well, it starts with this box -- which is
from University Products, you
dirty-minded thing you!

And contains these. They'll look
more exciting momentarily.

What are they meant to do?
Glad you asked!
They are going to take this pile of crap...

...and this shelf of crap and turn it
into something that doesn't
hurt the heart of a librarian.

Gerry quality-checks them for us.

Several times.

Thoroughly QC'd, we can put
them together. Well, Anna can.
I totally failed.

And it took Anna awhile to get
the hang of it, too.

Gerry observes closely.

Then there has to be sorting.

And more sorting.

And then we need kitty assistance
with the sorting.

Helpful assistance.

And something to watch, of

Also, beverages.

And then the project starts to work.


And final success. (Not for Father Octavian, though.)

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