Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Fun Times

Nice -- nice.


Barbara said...

Great video. I really liked Christopher E as the Doctor, and then was even more impressed with David Tennant (he's much taller than you think btw, he walked past us outside the theatre in Stratford upon Avon - I know, name-dropping!). I do think Steven Moffat has taken the show in the wrong direction now... Matt Smith is a wonderful actor, but they've lost the emotional depth that RTD injected into it, SM did say it had always been more of a fairy tale than science fiction and I just think that's wrong - especially for adults. Here in the UK I certainly don't sense the same 'buzz' about the current series here that there was with the previous ones.

annajcook said...

@Barbara, speaking as a fellow Christopher Eccleston fan I actually feel like Matt Smith has taken the sort of Doctor that Eccleston embodied and ... it would be wrong to say "ramped it up" since I think 9 did a brilliant job of carrying joy and rage with equal intensity through every scene. But 11 seems raw-er than 10. 10 wore his heart on his sleeve - and when he couldn't he covered for himself like Peter Whimsey ("I would marry you for the pleasure of hearing you talk piffle") covers his shell shock. Eleven channels it into rage.