Monday, January 31, 2011


John Barry.

Everyone's posting James Bond clips in memory of this great film composer and that's great; but this will always be my favorite.

Wait for it. About 5.12, if you're impatient. It really is worth watching the whole thing. (It's really worth watching the whole movie if you haven't seen it!) The picture quality of this was the best I could find and it seemed worth the extra time that isn't Barry's music to have Streep's lead-in.

And Out of Africa is closely, closely followed by the brilliance that is his score for The Lion in Winter:


Barbara said...

The 'Out of Africa' score is the one I always think of as my favourite Barry music, it sends shivers down my spine. Strangely, I didn't like the film that much, thought RR totally miscast, and it all seemed very, well, soul-less. But the music and photography, oh my. I love 'The Lion in Winter', great film, great score. Such a great post as a tribute to JB.

KarraCrow said...

@Barbara: Thanks!