Monday, January 3, 2011

Photo Monday

So I have what could be a rough morning in front of me today, folks -- the decision was taken over the Christmas/New Year break that one of my part-time jobs has got to go. Sadly, it's the one I've been at longest and the one I had the most emotionally invested in but -- it's time to go. It's been time to go for about a year now but now it is seriously time to go.

So think kindly of me if you have a moment and, in the meantime, enjoy...

Pressies next to Christmas plants.
Location due to undue kitty


Er -- other tealight!


Statues and beads.

Kitty interest. I did tell you!

Christmas morning.

Final location of gifts due to kitty

Kitty vs. Humidifier.

Lemon cypress Christmas tree.
Provisionally named "Rhys." :)

Christmas morning with cat distracted.

Candles and statues.

Anna with her family on Christmas morning via Skype.

Kitty with her best Christmas "Yes? And?" stare.

Random desk paraphernalia.


The remains.

Recovery tea.

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