Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Let me tell you about some girls I know very well..." "And why I'm being fired!"

We're a little low on content this week, folks. It's my last week at the job I'm quitting and my schedule as all kerblooey (technical term there). So enjoy some short(-ish) videos and return next week for thoughts on Torchwood: Children of Earth (yeah, I know I'm the last person on the freakin' planet to watch it!) and the end of DW Season 5 and assorted other things, including some thoughts on a recent article in Yoga Journal -- novel, yes?

 Since people seem to enjoy my DW posts so much, I'm pondering doing a couple of "retro" reviews from the original series. We'll see what happens.

In case you decide you want a job as a maid at the Abbey...

and Part 2:

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annajcook said...

You should totally do a series of posts on the old-school "Dr. Who"! Particularly stateside, so few people seem to know about them.