Tuesday, January 20, 2009

lists and yet more lists---

okay, so i'm not quite sure what is wrong with this list, but i know that something is: robert pattinson named hottest movie vampire.

it might have something to do with this editorial on twilight that i found on the guardian.co.uk a couple of days ago. i've been mulling it over since then but i'm still not entirely sure i understand the author's point: she wants to celebrate that she felt free to go see a movie with young men in it? she approves of said young men? she's sad other people didn't go see said film?

in the interest of full disclosure, i should say that i have neither read nor seen twilight although i've been amused and baffled by the furore surrounding both. i suppose if i understood exactly why people went crazy either for or against somewhere i'd own my own publishing house or be head of collections development somewhere by now!

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