Sunday, January 18, 2009


just saw this on the blog and thought it might be of interest to anyone who read my earlier, somewhat disconnected because written at three distinct points in the day, post about dystopic movies.

so i offer this link to rajan khanna's more coherent post about post-apocalypticness in general. i don't know quite a few of the books and games khanna references, but i have read the road and am waiting more or less eagerly for the film version to be released -- i'm suspicious about the son because i'm always suspicious of young actors, but viggo mortenson is about the most perfect piece of casting i could have thought of.

i would have thought piers anthony on the whole was a little too "sunshine and bunnies" to do a proper post-apocalypse but i could be wrong and i haven't read any of his stuff since before i was in high school. i remember thinking that night mare was just about as funny as it got when i was 12 or so. i picked it up in a used bookstore sometime in college and really quickly put it down again! "did not age well" just about describes it.

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