Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Shiny Thing

So I have a new toy: a Kodak digital camera. It is very nifty and I have been fiddling about with it since Friday.

I have to say, as someone who almost always wastes about a quarter of a roll of film on images that are either blurry, unsteady, or just plain ol' boring, the "instant review and delete" function is just seriously awesome.

Great Blue Heron in the Fenway, 9-17-2010
My doorknob, 9-17-2010 (can you tell I was just taking random photos to play with settings?)

Kitty and Candle 9-19-2010
Charles River from MIT Bridge, 9-19-2010
Clouds over the Charles, 9-19-2010 (This is what you can see in the long shot above.)
Clouds over the Charles, 9-19-2010 (Ditto.)
Harvard Square Cafe, 9-19-2010
Ditto, 9-19-2010


Anonymous said...

Yay, for shiny new camera! The photos are quite nice and I completely agree that the instant review is a very nice feature. :)

KarraCrow said...

@dwakimoto: Thank you! Instant review is my new favorite thing but I also have some "glitch" photos from walking home Saturday night that are kind of...awesome in their glitchiness. Those are for next week, though. ;)