Monday, November 16, 2009

"we're smarter than this!"

having had a somewhat frustrating day which involved a): waking up from a lovely dream in which i had found this great job that wanted to hire me on sight; b) waking up from said dream; c) realizing that it was, in fact, just a dream; d) having to work on an assignment where i'm basically guessing at what the professor wants because he isn't the greatest at instructions; and e) coming home from work -- after lovely walk home -- to find a letter from doctor's office saying, "gosh, we're sorry but the lab was unable to process your test results. please call our office to find a convenient time for you to return so you can undergo time-consuming, painful, and humiliating processes all over again."

gee, really? me? thanks ever so!


but i only threw my socks across the room, not anything else, so i'm counting that as a minor victory and now, having been duly calmed (at least a little bit) by a hot shower and girlfriend-provided tea and chips, i decided what i really should do is put up an amusing post here because that way i could feel at least that i was making someone else's day more fun.

so here you go.

one of my all-time favorite pixar shorts, "for the birds:"

and from the mst3k crew, a charming short about always being yourself:

and a couple of my all-time favorite fan videos.

first off, evanescence and "bring me to life" used as background for shoujo kakumei utena:

same band, "going under," same anime:

same band, "hello," doctor who -- elegy for donna noble:

and, finally, a fantastic 10th doctor video:

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