Monday, January 9, 2012

Pro Bono Publico (Something Like That, Anyway...)

Last week, I sent this .gif to a friend of mine.

To understand the rest of the post, I suggest you click through to it although it is NSFW unless you have a sheltered cubicle or an understanding boss. (It isn't someone dancing naked covered in chocolate, though; no naughty bits are revealed.)

The email dialogue between myself and friend ended like this:

Myself: i wonder if he went full monty...? why is he doing this?! did someone just yell 'hey, chris, take 'em off?' 
Friend: From all accounts, that seems most likely. But I think the real question is not why he's doing it, but rather - why he's not doing it more often? Public good, and all. 
Myself: maybe this should be pointed out to him...?
The conversation then took a slight left turn at this point into a discussion of what other people should do other things for the general public good.

Friend and I came up with the following list:

Chris Evans, strip.
Michael Fassbender, wear hats.
Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen, just be awesome.
Jensen Ackles, smile more.
 Joe Flanigan, just lean against the doorway there.
David Hewlett, snark at something.
Matt Smith, flail generally.
Karen Gillan, hug people.
Catherine Tate, laugh.
Paterson Joseph, just...lounge over there next to Joe.

I would also like to add:

James McAvoy, grin.
Maggie Smith, raise those devilish eyebrows of yours.
Arthur Darvill, tell stories.
John Hurt, Alan Rickman, Jeremy Irons, talk. About anything. Really. Recite your latest grocery list.

Enjoy this addition of pleasant ideas to your Monday! (Free of charge, too.)

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