Monday, January 2, 2012

"And this is how we begin..."

And welcome to 2012, ladies and gentlemen and anyone else who might be hanging about the place.

Random thoughts follow...

Believe it or not, I do have a post in the works on The Rebel Flesh and The Almost People but I keep getting distracted by the fact that there are episodes after that that I want to talk about way more and have you all seen The God Complex? To say nothing of The Girl Who Waited! I mean, the hell!

Additionally, has anyone seen Tintin? Is it worth my braving a Peter Jackson movie for the sake of a Steven Moffat script?

In other news, I've finally finished the fourth season of Supernatural which was...very much like the rest of Supernatural, to be honest with you. I've come to the conclusion that the show is very much of a muchness but it's a muchness I very much enjoy, so I'm going with it. Dean snarks, Bobby growls, Sam pouts, Castiel scowls and they're all pretty madly attractive while they do it so what's not to like?

I also may have located a class -- or two -- that I can take via my workplace benefits this spring. You'd be amazed at the paucity of Harvard's history offerings. At least, I was amazed. Perhaps I am easily amazed? This, too, is possible.

Why does AMC always have to start their Walking Dead marathons with the beginning of season one at about noontime so that by the time they get to the season two episodes I need to get caught up on, it's about 9 o' clock at night? Is this fair? Some of us zombie-lovers have to get up early in the morning, y'know!

And, finally, is it fair that the latest Underworld movie is going to be in 3-D? Is it right and reasonable to deprive those of us who wear glasses of the fair Kate in tight leather?

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annajcook said...

I agree with all the thoughts.