Monday, October 11, 2010

Photos Galore

Well, ok, possibly not quite "galore," but you get the idea.

Full points to the person who spots my technical error!

Really happy late marigolds.

Part of my grandparents' neighbor Estelle's garden...



Holly berries.

More holly.

Estelle's lower garden.


Possibly the creepiest grave decoration in all of South Cemetary.

South Cemetary road.

Ditto, stone wall.

The most zombie-friendly sign ever.

Is one of them moving? Over there on the right?

South Cemetary headstones.

First name? Last name? Who knows.

Walden Pond


Thoreau would never know what to do...

This is our group photo from Walden Pond.

Didja see it? Yeah -- it ain't November. *sigh* This is what happens with the "push random buttons you haven't tried before and see what happens" approach.

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