Wednesday, September 15, 2010

interesting things

It was a rough weekend, ladies and gentlemen, thus no post on Monday. If you were hanging around with your tongues out waiting for it -- well, I apologise't you have something else to do with your time?

Anyway, I still don't have a lot of time to write anything thoughtful for this week, so, instead, here are some interesting things taken almost entirely at random from my "blog" bookmarks folder, Google reader list, and Tumblr blog. I figure about 70% of my memory is currently housed online...

Arbogast on Film reviews Population 436 which I reviewed on here a few months back and comes to basically the same conclusions I did which is kind of awesome. is doing Zombie Week.

Shane Perez takes brilliant photos of abandoned or "not currently in use" environments. Beware: some of the series do feature a naked model, so may be NSFW.

It's the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain and the RAF Benevolent Fund has set up a website detailing the events of the Battle through "blog entries" from eyewitnesses. The eyewitnesses are fictional, but their experiences are real and this is just a jimdandy use of primary source material -- photographs, diaries, footage (footage yet! some it's color!), newspaper stories -- to create a new kind of narrative about an event.

And here's a slightly different way to look at the sky: some shots from the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2010 competition.

Some free fiction from the Living Dead 2 collection, edited by John Joseph Adams: a story by David Wellington, one of my favorite authors, and eight other stories to whet your appetite for the full collection.

The Guardian interviews John Simm. Worth clicking through for the photo alone. Chippy or not, Mr. Simm, sir, we love you.

Finally, a list from the SciFi Wire: (some of the) best sci-fi episodes ever aired.

Photo by Nick Deaves

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