Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"and...we're back in the car again."

So what did I do over my month off? Well, I did lots of things and I will tell you about some of them.

For example, I finished the 3rd season of Bones (WTF?!); I watched the fourth Jaws sequel (kinda wish I hadn't); I read a history of the Paris flood of 1910 (great stuff); I got mugged by the IDW omnibus of volume 3 of Locke & Key; I dodged a ton of spoilers about the 5th season of Doctor Who; and I'm anxiously awaiting arrival of my copy of the Torchwood graphic novel, Rift War -- how could I resist something written by John Barrowman? That's just too much for any one fan-girl to walk away from!

I also worked a lot of hours, applied for quite a few jobs, had one interview, re-learned some high-school math and, as far as employment goes, am right back where I started at the end of July. But I did try; my mom would say that counts. I'm not entirely convinced.

So what's the upshot of all this? I watched some interesting things; read some other interesting things; and I'll see if I can glue together a few sentences to talk about them.


Drake Sigar said...

The 5th season is awesome. Did you catch any of the episodes so far? I know the US supposedly gets it later.

KarraCrow said...

@drake: Nope, I am still 5th-season-less. If I wanted to pay several large organs-worth of money, I could get BBC America, but so far I still need all those parts. I'm making up the difference with the first season of Being Human, but it's just not the same!

Drake Sigar said...

Without spoiling anything, the new incarnation of the doctor is great, some would say he even surpasses David Tennant. The first few episodes in particular are very well written.

You'd think you would be able to watch it online for free somewhere. Legally of course. O.o

KarraCrow said...

@drake: some of my fondest memories of the new series are sitting in front of my computer watching "rose" in a very fuzzy not-really-all-that-legal download from, if i remember correctly, somewhere in canada: "nice to meet you, rose -- run for your life!"

Drake Sigar said...

Prepare to have several new new favourite phrases. :P