Monday, April 5, 2010

the lazy blogger's friend

short posts this week, guys -- no time or, really, energy to write this weekend when it was solidly 70 and sunny out. after a winter of cold, rain, wind and assorted other fun wintry weather, who really wants to sit at a computer when there are other options which involved iced coffee, walking by the river, and used bookstores?

right, i didn't think so.

anyway, a week that makes you glad youtube exists:


i shrank the width a bit on this video to make it look more proportional to everything else going on and, if you're a die-hard resident evil fan and haven't got this memorized yet, you probably want to click through to youtube and watch the regular size version.

i have to say, i wish it wasn't going to be in 3d because i wear glasses and propping those stupid little 3d glasses over my regular ones invariably gives me a headache and a faint sense of loss of balance, but i'll risk it for this.

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