Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just Sayin'

As we bask in the mid-season glory of Doctor Who season 6 and I madly dodge spoilers on all my blogs and Tumblr feeds, a blog post came to me.

And the essence of the blog post is this: River Song? Already a badass.

Seriously, folks.

Daleks are scared of this woman, okay? Daleks. The big bad. The original big bad since 1964. Are scared of this chick. As in begging for mercy scared.

She doesn't need to be "revealed" as anyone awesome and I am saying this as someone who would have happily kicked her out of an airlock about halfway through Silence in the Library. River Song? Is made of awesome.

I'm sure Moffat has something in mind. I'm sure it will be interesting. I'm equally sure it won't be as cool as River already is. I don't care if she's the Doctor, the Master, the Meddling Monk, Susan, Jenny, Captain Jack, Rassilon, the TARDIS, or the living personification of the time-space continuum itself.

River? Already badass.

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