Monday, March 21, 2011

Photo Monday

This Photo Monday largely brought to you by my girlfriend because I am deeply tired and not in a mood to be pleased by much of anything I do.

Next week -- movie review!

hi all; anna here! am typing this one-handed (and my non-dominant right hand as well) while hanna dozes with her head on my lap while we watch journey to the center of the earth starring pat boone. there's a duck and some singing and the edinburgh tattoo and one of the great lady adventurers of cinematic history ... what's not to like?

having been put in charge of photo monday, I'm presenting you with a series of photographs hanna took of a bunch of daffodils she bought for me at trader joe's last week. they were buds when she purchased them, and they've since opened into gorgeous blooms. we both have this thing where we imagine how lovely and romantic it would be to purchase flowers for one another, but we never do because it seems so sad that the flowers would just wilt and die on us. instead, we acquire plants with roots which require more permanent space in the apartment (another logistical problem entirely).

but this time the bought them anyway. and i think they're lovely. and  i also think she has an amazing eye for detail photography ... so i'm treating you all to six of my favorites. hope they bring a little sun to your monday. ~anna

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