Friday, February 19, 2010

because i can

i'm not a huge olympics watcher. honestly, i'm not a big sports person. while i enjoy watching tennis, figure skating, gymnastics, and so forth, about the only sport i will actively seek out is non-american league soccer. (really, the american team play isn't interesting enough -- they haven't worked out the strategic injury or the dramatic playing to the ref tactics well enough -- there's supposed to be a certain amount of theatre in a good football game!)

but a week or so ago, i was channel-flipping and came across one of the qualifying competitions for the figure skating at the olympics. okay, fine, there was nothing else on and so anna and i hung around and watched the qualifiers -- when the music was good and the commentators not being so snarky, that is. (and talk about snarky -- i've stopped watching the olympic coverage because the commentators are being straight up nasty! really, people, have more coffee or less coffee or something.)

anyway, back to the qualifiers for the ice skating -- on the whole, i'm really glad we hung out because we came across my new favorite thing which is an american figure skater named johnny weir. if you've all heard of him before and are sick of him, i do apologise for the repetition, but bear with me.

because nbc is being something of a spoilsport, i can't work out how to find a clip of his performance from this year's olympics which presumably was -- last night? the night before? sometime this week anyway. but i did find this of his short program from 2006:

Johnny Weir's 2006 Olympic Short Program
Uploaded by laurasigler. - Discover the latest sports and extreme videos.

and that's good, solid stuff -- i can't say i like the music a lot, but it was one of the pieces i had to memorize when i was younger and playing the flute, so i'm probably biased. anyway, so watch that and then watch this:

it's worth it to take 4 minutes and 5 seconds out of your day, if you haven't seen this before or even if you have, really, to enjoy how good this guy is. and the fact that he flirts with everything on or near the ice doesn't hurt him with the crowd at all either.

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