Sunday, January 24, 2010

"people don't understand about time."

i had some things i thought i was going to be prepared to blog about by this weekend but, between being unwell and...well, being unwell, it didn't happen. i've got a whole stack of books to read -- not for the edification of whoever's reading this blog necessarily but just for the hell of it -- and some movies backed up on my netflix queue, but it's hard to feel enthused about speculative fiction when you can't breathe through your nose. at least, it is for me.

so for this sunday, we just have some random links of things that came across my feed reader this week which i think are interesting.

first off, there's a link from jo walton over at of "neglected books." if you're looking for something to read the next time you're at the library, this might help!

also from, some stories available online from the year's best fantasy 9. there's some awesome stuff in here: kage baker (two stories!), cathrynne m. valente (if you haven't read the girl who circumnavigated fairyland..., you also might want to look into that -- y'know, if you've got a couple of days to kill), kij johnson.

more from tor about the new companion in the yet-to-be-seen 5th season of doctor who. personally, when it comes to the use of the companion as a bit of eye-candy to make the show's ratings jump a bit, i always remember an interview with louise jameson (leela over there at the left) when she was talking about her experience on the show and all the fanmail she found she got from fathers rather than children: "but i guess when you wear a leather bikini and you're on right after the pools results, that's what you're going to get." she was massively good-tempered about it and seemed to look on the whole thing more as a good joke than as anything offensive or troubling.

a distressing (for me anyway) snippet of news via the scifiwire: fox may be developing a u.s. version of torchwood. since the bbc hasn't said anything about a 4th season of the show post-children of earth (and, really, who'd be left to be in it?!), you'd think i'd be more enthusiastic about news that the show could have a new home. i'm not. fox is a show-killer. beyond that, they are ratings-hogs show-killers. one of the things i adore about torchwood is the subtlety of the inter-personal relationships (shall we say); i can't see fox preserving that. what'd be a grand way to get ratings? sell it as gay scifi. please, mr. barrowman sir, refuse.

and still on the scifiwire/torchwood kick, another film version of sherlock holmes with the odd familiar face or two in it...

from the more academic side of things, a speech from the most recent american historical society meeting in san diego earlier this month: "is google good for history?"

and there's ten ton of stuff i have marked about the recent kerfluffle in northern ireland about the robinsons and mrs. robinson's affair and the dust-up about the devolution of police powers to northern ireland -- but that's a whole 'nother post and so i will leave you with a mstk3 clip for the day:

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