Friday, December 18, 2009


and so i'm now in post-thesis-completion aftermath which basically means spending a lot of time unearthing emails that have gone too long unanswered, working on ebooks blog posts (which i keep promising to our poor editor well in advance and continue to email to him the day before they need to go up!), and planning things to do here. and i have a nice fat stack of books that have absolutely nothing to do with my thesis topic, including hilary mantel's wolf hall, which i started from the library a few weeks ago and haven't gotten to finish, and stephen king's under the dome which is fat enough to keep me going for at least two days. :) plus a brand-new 30% off coupon from borders burning a hole in my email.

and this mostly means that i don't have a plan for today, of course, so, instead i'm proposing that you all go and get addicted to freakangels.

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