Friday, October 23, 2009

"who said anything about panicking? this is still just the culture shock!"

not a lot of time to put up something thoughtful today -- had a meeting with one of my professorial thesis pair yesterday and, in among a whole slew of other very nice and helpful comments, she dropped one bomb about a major restructuring of material that has me tizzying just a little right now. so i just emailed off a revised outline -- at this late date! -- to take into account my professor's excellent -- if daunting -- idea and am waiting to hear back. in the meantime, i have to do some last-minute "studying" for a test in my history of the book class which may or may not take place tomorrow, i'm not sure. we haven't had class for two weeks and our professor is not the best of electronic communicators. it's a good thing that my "term paper" for that class has a lower page limit of 7 and i'm writing about something silly -- the history of the necronomicon.

but just so i don't get out of practice with this whole blogging thing, i found this very funny set of photos someone took to answer the eternal question: "just what do stormtroopers do on their days off?" not target practice apparently although that might be helpful; "only imperial stormtroopers are so precise," my left foot. and some more thoughts on movies from, this time about what makes for a great villain. i'm not sure the "coffee cup" test works for a lot of my favorite villains -- i don't remember the predator eating anything ever -- but i like the general idea.

then there's this very awesome set of bookmarks from secondhand books from the age of uncertainty blog.

to end on another book-related note, here's arachne jericho's review from of the new terry pratchett, unseen academicals. im pleased that she seems to think it's lighter than his last few -- monstrous regiment, thud!, and company. thud! i only really got through because i love sam vimes; sort of the same way i got through night watch, except i thought that one was more successful.

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