Thursday, May 14, 2009

the semester is over, so why am i still tired?

but here are some interesting links i found recently...

in case you were seriously worried that spike, jean-claude (or, worse, that pasty-pale twerp from twilight) might be crawling in your window some night, physicists have proved that vampires can't exist.

while i don't entirely appreciate the tone of this article since i think it shortchanges the smarter end of the small unit spectrum, i think it's a fun list of kid movies that adults like. i loved wallace and gromit from day one, myself; i think i saw "the wrong trousers" when mpbn ran it really randomly late one saturday night and my father happened to notice and taped it.

and a daniel finn article from the london review of books about ira splinter groups, asking the more or less perennial question of "why are you guys still doing this when it patently doesn't work?" good question. if he had actually managed to answer it, i'd be straight out of a thesis. he didn't, of course, but he did point out (unintentionally, i think) some of the commonalities that almost all republican nationalists suffer from.

who doesn't love a good misquoted movie line? bet you can guess what topped the list.

and because there has to be at least one link here and i thought this was really amusing -- an impassioned plea for reclaiming geek identity 'cause apparently it's under threat from...wil wheaton? i dunno -- maybe he's waving an eyeliner at it or something. the comments are also really worth reading on this; or at least the comments that were posted as of 8.45 this morning were; i don't know what's happened since then!

i now return to the black hole for time that is -- thesis rewriting.

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