Wednesday, February 18, 2009


okay, so i liked my college. for the most part, i enjoyed my time there; i thought it was a good and/or nice and/or pleasant place to be and a reasonable way to get my undergraduate degree. every now and then, i think about it and realise that, in my memory, it is beginning to acquire a tiny halo and then i think about two feet of snow in four hours, running out of bagels at brunch again, and the peculiar smell in the science building and that mostly seems to counteract the halo-izing effect.

but i still enjoy seeing pictures of it -- mostly -- and i always flick through my alumni magazine to see if anyone i know shows up and to see what the place looks like now -- which is actually, considering i only graduated in 2002, quite different.

what i have never once in my entire post-marlboro career thought is, "wow. if only there were a webcam so i could go online and watch my undergrad campus 24/7." this would seem to make me different from some sizeable fraction of northeastern university alums who seem to have had precisely that thought.

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